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proCARE Customizable Medical Carts Function as ‘Professional Care Assistants’

Touchpoint Medical’s New Line of Carts Improves Caregivers' Comfort and Efficiency 

ODESSA, FLA. – OCTOBER 18, 2021 – TouchPoint Medical, Inc. today announced the launch of proCARETM, an innovative new line of medical procedure carts that put equipment, supplies, and medications within easy reach of caregivers, improving ease and efficiency for making rounds and facilitating enhanced patient support.

The proCARETM procedure cart series is a feature-rich platform with numerous valuable caregiver-facing benefits designed into every model. Features that cost extra with other manufacturers' products are standard on TouchPoint's proCARETM line. These include re-configurable drawer systems that are adaptable to fit the facility's needs today and in the future and integrated drawer divider slots that are easily and quickly adjusted to meet changing organizational needs. The full extension, removable drawer inserts provide 100% visual and easy physical access to drawer contents, and the tamper evident visual security capability on all drawers eliminates questioning the integrity of drawer contents also with easy visual recognition. The proCARETM line has left and right pull-out worksurfaces that expand the available workspace by 60% when needed and the soft closing drawer slides provide quiet, smooth performance. Other notable features include:

Protection through antimicrobial infused materials and surfaces provides peace of mind and greater infection control/prevention.

Steering/tracking casters enable easy and true directional steering when engaged.

Multiple security levels/options (tamper evident seals, key locking, e-locking, individual drawer locking, RFID options) allow the user to select the needed level of security.

Industry leading mobile power means optimized DC solution for optimal runtimes with LiFe and Li-Nano battery options. In fact, TouchPoint's advanced Li-Nano batteries deliver twice the life of typical LiFe batteries.

Fanless charging on powered carts ensures sterile environments are not compromised helping to improve infection control.

“Equipment that streamlines workflow is essential today, as healthcare facilities are facing a nursing shortage1,2 and treating an aging population of patients3 — stressors on time and budget that have only been complicated by the additional responsibilities shouldered during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Bradley Carlson, Point of Care Group Leader for TouchPoint. “Beyond providing healthcare providers with a storage solution, proCARETM carts can serve as their professional care assistants, helping them to do their jobs better, faster, and more safely. Adapting to each staff member’s approach, the carts enable swift and reliable availability of needed tools and medications at crucial moments.”

Specific to proCARETM are carts tailor-made for emergency code response, pediatric code response, isolation, general procedures and anesthesia. The line includes “intelligent” procedure and anesthesia carts that can connect to Hospital Information Systems, Electronic Medical Records, and Pharmacy Management Systems.

A wide range of more than 60 mountable accessories designed to enhance organization or storage, support computer power, or accommodate medical equipment such as four-position IVs or defibrillators are also available.

TouchPoint Medical boasts an Enhanced Service Program that provides a comprehensive service portfolio with of on-site deployment services, preventative maintenance, and extended warranty options. These service offerings are designed to ensure customers the highest level of deployment success, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize product lifespan while freeing up valuable hospital support personnel. The proCARETM cart line comes with detailed instructions for preventive maintenance and 24/7 access to technical support, additional information, and product quotes.

About TouchPoint Medical, Inc. 

TouchPoint Medical focuses on developing customer-driven solutions that advance healthcare professionals’ delivery of care. TouchPoint Medical is a global provider of innovative and intelligent solutions spanning both Point-of-Care and Medication Management Solutions to thousands of hospitals and health care facilities around the world. For more information, visit


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