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Diversion Analytics in Minutes

MAAP Analytics® delivers the most complete drug diversion solution of its kind. Built from the clinical ground up our comprehensive solution was born from an idea of protecting patient lives. Fine tuned on the clinical floor, tested, honed, and tested again. MAAP Analytics was created to provide clarity to the question, “Is this drug diversion…or something else?”

Here’s what makes MAAP Analytics so powerful

• Most comprehensive solution with secure protection and is HIPAA and PHI compliant

• Developed and designed from the clinical ground up

• Focused on gathering data from the five elements of an effective drug prevention program

• Fashioned to incorporate BI technologies for informed decision making

If it’s drug diversion, MAAP Analytics can track it, segment it, and point to it before patient care is affected. If it’s a practice improvement, our platform can pinpoint occurrences and alert team members, helping health systems recoup costs from inefficiencies and improve practice management.

Combines five elements of data

With over five years of development in tracking and monitoring with hundreds of thousands of data points, ANiGENT knows that effective solutions must pull from key data occurrences in a health system. We pull data and information from five sources:

• C2 safe inventory controls tied to patient administration

• Automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs)

• Electronic health records (EHR)

• Waste retrieval

• Waste assays

Four modules that lead performance outcomes

ANiGENT has enhanced MAAP Analytics with four key modules that synergistically work in harmony:

• Variance Module. It correlates transactions across systems and automatically resolves >99% of discrepancies

• Auditor Module. This is the platform’s watch list and action board

• Waste Module. This module provides a portal to reconcile collected waste and onsite/offsite assay results

• Business Intelligence Module. This offers a bird’s eye view of performance and peer-2-peer analytics

Three steps to drug diversion prevention

1. Pull data from multiple sources.

2. Use powerful BI technologies to separate data by user, medication, and location.

3. Segment discoveries to quickly identify either drug diversion or opportunities for practice improvements.


Analytics in minutes

ANiGENT makes analysis easy. Our platform takes the data from these sources and smartly segment them by location, type of medication, and user, applying the latest technologies in business intelligence (BI). No need to assemble a large team to compile, analyze, and review.

We can track and compare occurrences within minutes and uncover where drug diversion is happening or where practices can be improved to prevent costly error rates.

Peer-2-Peer (P2P) analytics

Most drug diversion prevention products treat all job functions the same, making it difficult for facilities to truly predict and capture when the next diversion will take place. MAAP Analytics is different. We understand that job functions differ, depending on the department, the worker, and even time of day. P2P analytics is an innovative feature that can sift through large amounts of behavioral data to produce meaningful patterns of behavior. Quickly and easily. It can predict when potential drug diversion will occur from specific users, the type of medication diverted, and the location. Now that’s powerful.

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