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Compliantly manage your biohazardous waste by completing our online training


Stay up to date on Biohazardous Waste Training on, included as part of our Steri-Safe® Compliance Solutions. This training provides an overview on Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) and how it is properly segregated, so you feel confident on where to place the waste generated in your facility.

Through this training, you will learn:

• Identification and Segregation of RMW: What is regulated medical waste and how should it be separated in accordance with the Stericycle Waste Acceptance Policy

• Managing RMW Collection and Storage: Best practices for collecting and storing your medical waste in your facility to help ensure it doesn’t impact your operations

• Transportation Labeling and Documentation: Discussion of state-specific documentation that may be required for the transportation of medical waste

Regulated Medical Waste is not the same as regular trash disposal, and it is important to know your state’s proper protocol as biohazardous waste is primarily regulated by individual states.

Access this training online at to help keep your workplace safe and healthful while easily managing your medical waste.

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