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Rhode Island Community Health Center Grows 340B Program by 25% in 6 months

Today, more than 70% of Thundermist's specialty claims are possible thanks to par8o


In 2019, Rhode Island-based Thundermist Health Center celebrated its 50th year of operation. Recognized as a statewide primary care leader, the federally qualified health center serves over 48,000 patients per year at three locations across the state and employs 148 family medicine, dental, and ancillary care providers. Thundermist also has over 50 contract pharmacies as a part of its 340B program.

As a high percentage of its patients are uninsured or underinsured with insurance that has poor prescription coverage, the 340B program greatly contributes to how Thundermist Health Center is able to care for its patients.

“We're able to do two things with our 340B program. Number one: Generate revenue that can go back into patient care. That's the most important thing for us. Number two: It gives us the freedom and the ability to help patients pay for their medications when they have trouble,” explained Corinne Hill, Compliance Officer for Thundermist.

Learn how par8o's 340B Referral Capture helped Thundermist capture additional claims, creating more revenue for patient care.

Read the case study details HERE

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