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The VMI INDIVION is VMI Care’s answer to the demands commonly seen in the pharmacy industry. Whether you run a Central Fill Pharmacy, a larger retail or hospital pharmacy, everywhere we see the same challenges: more items to pack, more services to deliver, stricter quality measures to satisfy, better data protection and stricter regulations. For the increasing number of high volume automated dose packaging hubs, a much higher level of efficiency is needed.

To cover these demands, many pharmacies have already automated their packaging process. However, the current pouch packaging machines are based on decades old technical principles, are not designed for really continuous and high volume production, hardly meet the increasing quality demands and result still in considerable unavoidable manual correction efforts, after automatic inspection.

The VMI engineers took up the challenge which resulted in the VMI INDIVION packaging system.

How does it work?

The VMI INDIVION produces daily dose pouch packs and can be seen as the heart of VMI’s high volume range of automated packaging solutions. The machine has an unrivaled capacity, producing up to 10,000 pouches per hour. The VMI INDIVION has an average dispensing accuracy better than 99.97% which is about 3 times more accurate than common pouch packaging machines in the market, while at the same time minimizing the risks of cross-contamination.

VMI has chosen a proven industrial robot for all canister handling in the VMI INDIVION which builds on VMI’s experience with other VMI machines in other markets. In the last few decades, robot technology has matured to very high levels of reliability and durability. VMI, as an innovative developer of process automation solutions, partners with all leading robot technology suppliers and is able to select the best, based on our experience, over many decades.

Canisters are stored and positioned on both the table and in the doors. The robot puts the smart canisters on the correct docking stations for release. Below the table are 72 specially designed and patented hoppers, collecting medication for each single pouch. The most commonly seen reason for process assembly errors is tablets that bounce into the wrong pouch, or they are damaged. To avoid all this, the maximum dropping height in the VMI INDIVION has been reduced to only 22 cm.

The VMI INDIVION has an in-build air filtration system with HEPA filters. This helps to avoid cross-contamination as much as possible and it protects your staff. The VMI INDIVION is easy accessible and can easily be operated by one single operator.

Single dose, unit dose, multi dose, urgent orders, unexpected changes, produce to order, with the VMI INDIVION in combination with VMI PHARYS software, it all becomes an easy job.

Product highlights

- Unrivaled high capacity of up to 10,000 pouches per hour

- More than 1,000 smart canisters with RFID technology

- Indicating level of pollution and cross-contamination

- Equipped with a reliable and durable industrial robot

- Maximum dropping height of medicines is 22 cm

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