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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues across the world, it’s more important than ever to get a flu vaccine, as some predict natural immunity to be decreased following last year’s lockdowns.[i] To make sure influenza vaccinations are effective, they must be stored at the proper temperature. At the end of the cold chain, safe vaccine storage can only be assured through quality pharmaceutical refrigerators that ensure accurate setpoint temperatures and temperature uniformity throughout the chamber. This is especially true for vaccines and pharmaceutical products that are extremely temperature-sensitive.

Influenza vaccines, for example, should never be exposed to freezing temperatures as this renders them ineffective without any visual indication.[ii] Ensuring vaccines remain effective through proper storage not only helps guarantee that those who are vaccinated are protected but also makes people more likely to continue opting to receive vaccines.


B Medical Systems pharmacy refrigerators are designed to safely store pharmaceuticals at temperatures between +2°C and +8°C with a setpoint of +5°C. They provide consistent interior temperature uniformity, stability, and fast temperature recovery after door openings. Our pharmacy refrigerators are FDA Class I certified with +43°C ambient qualification for Premium models and +32°C ambient qualification for Precision models.

Pharmacy refrigerators by B Medical Systems are designed to allow ample clearance around inventory loads, even when the refrigerator is fully loaded, to assure uniform storage temperatures at all locations in the chamber. Pharmacy refrigerators use a top mount air cooling system with a rear wall plenum. In this system, pressurized air is apportioned evenly throughout the unit so that the air temperature at the top of the unit is the same as that at the bottom of the unit and everywhere in between. This creates better temperature uniformity and improved vaccine storage safety.

In addition, B Medical Systems pharmacy refrigerators are fitted with safety features that help protect vaccines and other pharmaceuticals that are harmed by accidental freezing.

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[ii] “Proper Storage and Handling of Influenza Vaccine,” South Dakota Department of Health,

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