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Tips for Determining Alternative Medications for Your Patients

When filling prescriptions for your patients, the goal is to provide them with the best option available. Whether it be more affordable, have a better side effect profile, or less drug interactions, every factor is important to consider when determining a possible alternative medication. Below are some tips on how to determine the right choice for your patient:

1. Ask your patient what matters most to them. While cost tends to be a common factor in this decision, it is not always the patient’s priority. It is always better to ask the patient directly than to assume.

2. Ask the patient if they are even interested in alternatives. There might be a better option, but the patient may want to stick with the medications their doctor prescribed.

3. Educate patients on their options. With new alternatives on the market, like biosimilars, it is important that you talk to your patients, so they thoroughly understand their options.

4. Speak with their prescriber.  Although you think that there is a better option for your patient, there might be a reason as to why their physician didn’t prescribe that alternative in the first place.

5. Review your state’s regulations. Every state has different regulations and conditions to substitute alternative medications. Be sure to review your state’s laws to ensure you are taking the appropriate actions.

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