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ACPE Accredited CE Programs - UWYO

The University of Wyoming - School of Pharmacy was accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) as an accredited provider of Continuing Professional Education the summer of 2020. The Mission of the University of Wyoming - School of Pharmacy Continuing Education Group is to develop, conduct, and evaluate educational programs to meet the continuing professional development needs, tools, and resources for pharmacy professionals and pharmacy technicians to better care for the patients and communities they serve.  We do this by providing educational programming that is timely, relevant, and accessible to pharmacist and pharmacy technician audiences, extending their knowledge, skills, and patient outcomes. The group employs a variety of delivery methodologies using both live and distance learning techniques for providing educational content/materials to the targeted audience.

Responsible Prescribing of Controlled Substances – a home study two (2) credit hour course through Oct 31, 2023   (link to full course description page)  This course was designed to meet the goals of the Wyoming Board of Pharmacy statement regarding required opioid continuing education credits for licensure and may satisfy other state requirements - check with you state board.

Pharmacy and Pandemic Preparedness Policy – a home study five (5) credit hour course through Dec 19, 2023 (link to full course description page)  This course was developed to help pharmacists and pharmacy technicians understand how the pharmacy profession can be included in pandemic policies. 

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