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Open Enrollment: Success Starts with Medicare Plan Reviews!

It’s no secret: a key to enjoying a successful Open Enrollment season—for pharmacy practices and patients alike—starts with conducting Medicare plan reviews. A critical opportunity to help your patients find the right plan that best meets their needs while also driving loyalty and engagement, Medicare plan reviews help transition your pharmacy into a healthcare destination. Of course, there is no substitute for having the proper support and tools in place to make the process of conducting Medicare plan reviews efficient and impactful.

And there’s no better partner to provide your pharmacy staff with that support than PrescribeWellness, who is committed to advancing the role of the pharmacist in the delivery of total patient care. Speaking of which, we’ve got some big news for you about our Medicare Plan Review solution, and just in time for Open Enrollment.

Spoiler alert: It’s free!

Medicare Plan Review Solution  

To help position you for success during Open Enrollment and beyond, and in the spirit of enhancing the total patient experience, PrescribeWellness is thrilled to now be providing you the Medicare Plan Review solution at no cost.

Yes, you heard that right—at no cost!

In addition to the Medicare Plan Review solution, your pharmacy can now access and leverage the power of the PrescribeWellness Clinical Bundle.

The Clinical Bundle is a total patient care package that features various core clinical solutions specifically designed to streamline workflow and help your pharmacy enhance patient care and improve outcomes while growing your practice’s revenue...

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