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Conquer Two Concerns with One Solution

There’s a lot riding on the choices you make when transporting drugs and specimens. Failure to maintain safe temperatures could jeopardize integrity, while failure to provide proper security could jeopardize patient safety, too. 

Avoid risk on both fronts with our fully insulated, soft-sided Envopak Lined Transport Bags in Small, Medium or Large. They safeguard temperature-sensitive items for reliable results and, as an added safety measure, include a tamper-evident lock to protect contents. Each waterproof tote features an exterior open pocket for convenient storage of important documents and a shoulder strap for comfortable transport. 

From foam-lined cardboard boxes to all-in-one packout systems, our Insulated Transport inventory is filled with in-stock solutions that protect integrity and patient safety. Not sure which choice is best for you? Connect with us and a trained team member will help weigh your options!

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