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Health Services Administration Online Masters Degree Overview

Health Services Administration Online Masters Degree Overview:

• Two year full-time or part-time MSHSA program. The program can be completed in as little as 5 semesters and extended for up to six years for added flexibility.

• Online classes allow for anyone in any geographic area to participate.

• Intensive real-world seminars that are completed in Laramie, Wyoming during your first and last semester.

• Students can begin the MSHSA degree program in the fall or spring semester.

• Non-thesis degree. It does require a final individual project coordinated between the student and academic advisor.

• Online course learning management system that delivers course content to students via computer. Some courses are synchronous and require weekly or bi-weekly evening live attendance using a virtual classroom program. Other classes are blended between synchronous and asynchronous delivery and do not require live virtual classroom attendance on a regular basis.

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