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20Ways WINTER Hospital 2021 Issue is Here

RXinsider launches the 10-year anniversary issue of 20Ways Winter Hospital, the Health Systems and Infusion edition of 20Ways. 

Over the last 10-years, 20Ways has been constantly evolving with new content and additional resources while staying dedicated to pharmacy management. We want our readers to know while 20Ways may look a little different, it still provides the same great product/service profiles, case studies, Q&As, videos, and more! 
20Ways is published on a quarterly basis, educating pharmacy managers on 20 unique products and services that aim to improve patient care and a pharmacy’s financial bottom line. This issue will showcase Drug Diversion, featuring an Industry Expert Q&A with John Burke, President, International Health Facility Diversion Association, a Market Leaders Buyer's Guide, and more!

The print issue circulates to more than 6,500 hospital pharmacy directors, 2,200 clinical consultants, and 2,500 industry executives across the United States.

Check out the 20Ways WINTER 2021 issue through one of several channels below:

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