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Acute Care Pharmaceuticals | Pharma-Choice Brand of USP 797 and 800 Cleanroom Disposables [Video]


Company Background 

Acute Care Pharmaceuticals has been servicing the healthcare industry for over 20 years, delivering exceptional products and service to healthcare providers nationwide. We offer a wide range of USP <797> and <800> compliant disposable products that are manufactured under the highest standards. With numerous GPO and IDN contracts, our goal is to make your buying experience simple and easy. Our Pharma-Choice™ brand of products are stocked at a variety of distributors including AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal, and McKesson where you can receive your special discounted GPO contract pricing. 

Product Overview 

Improve facility operations with Acute Care Pharmaceuticals’ PharmaChoice™ brand of products. The quality manufacturing of our PharmaChoice™ brand of cleanroom disposables demonstrates our commitment to the continued success of USP <797> and the future success of USP <800>. All wipers are manufactured to meet International Organization for Standardization Class 5 and USP <161> endotoxin limits for medical devices of 0.06 EU/mL. Our sterile alcohol is manufactured with USPgrade water for injection and is available in a variety of sizes. From the inception of USP <797>, we have been a trusted provider for the majority of hospitals nationwide in cleanroom disposables. Our constantly expanding USP <797> product line includes: sterile alcohol, non-shedding/non-linting wipers, disinfectants, gloves, media test kits, apparel, mopping systems, and more. Now that USP <800> is getting closer to an official launch date, we have taken the same approach to creating a comprehensive line of products developed with you in mind, because your safety and the safety of your employees matters. Our USP <800> products include: chemo gowns, chemo gloves, chemo spill mats, goggles, respiratory masks, sterile apparel, transport bags, spill response kits, and a two-step chemo neutralizing kit. 

Our Pharma-Brand™ Line of Products Include 

• PHARMA-SAT PLUS™ 70% IPA Polyester/Cellulose Low Endotoxin (Sterile and Non-Sterile) 

• PHARMA-SAT CANISTER™ 70% IPA Non-Sterile Polyester/ Cellulose 

• PHARMA-SAT PLUS™ 70% IPA, Poly/Cell, Low Endotoxin 

• PHARMA-WIPE™ Polyester/Cellulose (Sterile and Non-Sterile) 

• PHARMA-WIPE PLUS™ Non-Sterile Polyester/Cellulose, Low Endotoxin 

• PHARMA-POLYESTER WIPE™ 100% Polyester 

• PHARMA-HOL® Sterile 70/30 Isopropanol/USP WFI (16 oz., 32 oz., and Gallons) 

• PHARMA-D SURFACE DISINFECTANT™ Sterile Quat, Virucide, Fungicide 

• PHARMA-SURFACE GUARD® Chemo Spill Wiper + Neutralizing Wiper, Two-Step Kit 

• PHARMA-MOP COVERS™ Polyester Universal Mopping System 

• PHARMA-MINI MOP COVERS™ Polyester and Poly/Cell 

• PHARMA-SAT MOP COVERS™ 70% IPA/30% DI Pre-Saturated Poly Covers 

• PHARMA-MAT® First Defense Against Contaminants in Your Cleanroom Environment 

• PHARMA-TACKY MAT FRAME™ Removes Up to 99% of Foot Borne Contaminates 

• PHARMA-CHEMO MAT™ Sterile Lint Less, Highly Absorbent, Non-Porous Backing 

• PHARMA-GLOVE™ Sterile Nitrile 12", Chemo Approved-AS™ Tested, PF 

• PHARMA-COAT® Lab Coat Polypropylene Elastic Wrist, No Pockets, White 

• PHARMA-COAT KNIT WRIST™ Lab Coat Polypropylene Knit Writs, No Pockets, White 

• PHARMA-CAP™ Polypropylene Bouffant Cap, White or Blue 

• PHARMA-SHOE COVERS™ Polypropylene Anti-Skid, Blue 

Additional Product Modules 

Along with our Pharma-Brand™ line of disposable cleanroom supplies, we also offer a multitude of additional USP <797> and <800> compliant supplies to ensure you have everything you need for your sterile environment. 

Markets Served 

• Hospital/Acute 

• Home Health Care 

• Surgery Centers 

• Clinic 

• Retail 

• Long-Term Care 

• Veterinary 

• Oncology

Ordering Information 

Pharma-Choice™ brand of products can be purchased at various distributors including AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal, McKesson, or if not stocked at your distributor, directly from Acute Care Pharmaceuticals. 

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