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Medi-Dose | Bar Coding, Packaging, and Labeling Pharmacy Solutions [Video]


Company Background

 Medi-Dose/EPS was founded in 1971 when Milton Braverman, a former pharmaceutical company territory manager, saw the need for inexpensive, manual unit dose packaging allowing a hospital to convert from traditional dispensing. He developed the Medi-Dose System to package, handle, and dispense predetermined amounts of medication so they would be accessible for one regular dose. Comprehensive bar coding and labeling identification is accomplished using our innovative MILT 4 software. Because of the continued success of the MediDose System, Medi-Dose/EPS expanded its product line to include the TampAlerT System, offering tamper-evident liquid packaging without the need for heat tunnels and accessory sealing equipment, as well as a full line of supplies and disposable products designed specifically for the pharmacy and health care professional. 

Product Overview 

Medi-Dose provides Tamper-Evidence as well as UV and Moisture Resistance for one-year beyond-use dating. Our MILT® 4 software maintains packaging logs and lets you design and print your Lid-Label® Covers with color, bar codes, tall man lettering, and graphics. You can format the labels any way you want, directly from your own computer and printer! Medi-Dose works well in any pharmacy operation and can be used with all classifications of drugs (chemo meds, meds covered by USP 800, compounded drugs, controlled substances, etc.). It’s affordably priced for all pharmacy budgets. For the best in manual unit dose packaging, check out Medi-Dose! 

Features & Options

 Packaging and Labeling Solutions 

• Simple to use – no extensive training needed. 

• 1-D and 2-D bar coding – including NDC, lot numbers, and expiration dating. 

• Ideal for hazardous medications and USP 800 drugs. 

• Tall Man Lettering and dynamic formatting options. 

• Built-in NDC lookup database and extensive image library. 

• Packaging logs and error reporting. 

• Six-month and one-year beyond-use dating. 

• UV and moisture resistance. 

• Tamper-Evidence. 

• 15 styles of blisters to accommodate virtually all meds. 

• No machinery or space requirements. 

• Inexpensive – no capital outlay required. 

Product Specifications

 Accompanying Labeling Software 

• MILT 4 • MILT 3.0 

• MILT 2.6 

• Medi-Dose 2000 

Trade Shows/Meetings Attended 

ASHP Midyear, ASHP Summer, Joint Forces Pharmacy Seminar, National Pharmacy Purchasing Association, EAHP, IACP, and various state, regional, and pharmacy compounding conferences. 

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