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Health Care Logistics | Great Products NOW From the HCL Family [Video]


Company Background 

What began 40 years ago as a garage-based business at the home of founder Gary Sharpe now encompasses five facilities in central Ohio and reaches customers around the globe. Health Care Logistics is a privately owned company specializing in manufacturing, packaging, and distributing unique and hard-to-find products for nearly every facet of the health care industry. HCL also offers complimentary search and development services for non-inventory items customers want but can’t find. Meeting the needs of its customers is the driving force behind the success of Health Care Logistics. 

Process Overview 

HCL’s inventory includes more than 10,000 different products such as boxes, bins, security seals, compounding and dispensing products, infection prevention solutions, and unit dose supplies. In addition to stock items, HCL offers manufacturing divisions for cabinets, plastics, and metals to create specialty solutions with short lead times. An in-house print division is also available to custom print labels, magnets, banners, and clings and to laser mark products with names, departments, and bar codes to help professionals improve performance, reliability, and accountability. HCL will manufacture or modify existing products to meet your needs. We work with you to make products work for you. 

HCL Tech 

Stat Stock – Your Med Replenishment Process Simplified 

Manual drug replenishment routines are loaded with hassles that hinder your workday and put patient safety at risk. Makeover your method with Stat Stock™, the automated medication replenishment process exclusively from Health Care Logistics. Stat Stock is a fast, user-friendly way for pharmacies to check the status of medication and supplies for greater accuracy and improved patient safety. The system uses RFID tags to manage your drug and supply inventory, allowing you to instantly identify and locate expired or recalled medication anywhere in your facility, then replenish or remove accordingly. Automated reports make it easy to monitor inventory and track trends. Watch how it’s changing drug replenishment in facilities just like yours. Manage your inventory and improve safety quickly, easily, and affordably with the Stat Stock suite of applications. 

Stat Temp – Easier, More Efficient Remote Temperature Monitoring 

Healthcare facilities and temperature monitoring go hand in hand, that’s no secret. But did you know you can automatically monitor temperatures from anywhere? At any time? From any device? Stat Temp, a new remote temperature monitoring system from Health Care Logistics, helps ensure temperature accuracy anywhere in your facility. Monitor temperatures within your set parameters and, in return, receive realtime alerts if results are trending outside of this range. Stat Temp is equipped with a user-determined chain of command that alerts the appropriate personnel when a temperature breach occurs. You can easily customize the system to fit your monitoring, reporting, and alert preferences. Health Care Logistics is ready to help fit Stat Temp into your standards of operations and procedures. Enjoy these features with your installation: 

• Mounts anywhere; monitors transmit information wirelessly and information is collected and recorded 24/7. 

• Access readings anytime, anywhere via any internet-connected device. Stat Temp is a web-based, software-free system that won’t compromise valuable space on your computer. Likewise, multiple facilities can operate under one account. 

• Eliminates the need to manually record each unit by multiple staff members. This solution is perfect for facilities not staffed 24 hours a day. 

• Receive real-time alerts of abnormal temperature ranges and save thousands of dollars in drug waste. 

• Easily access your temperature history – a requirement for any compliance agency. 

• Accurately track who has resolved any issues and the action taken in response to any out-of-range temperature occurrences. 

• Customize all monitoring and alert preferences to your requirements. 

• Enjoy Health Care Logistics’ friendly and reliable customer service assistance. 

Manage temperatures, prevent drug waste, and provide peace of mind with the Stat Temp remote monitoring system from Health Care Logistics. Contact us to get started or to schedule your live, on-site demonstration. 

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