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A low monthly subscription service with a nominal upfront cost, a dedicated account manager who ensures a successful go-live, and an intuitive point-of-sale platform that integrates with all leading Rx systems and protects patient information. These are reasons Pharmacies turn to Paladin Data Corporation.

These pharmacies, such as the Compounding Shoppe laud the Paladin POS system because it fully integrated with its pharmacy software and ensured IIAS compliance. Miller’s Pharmacy is now equipped to automate the ordering process and assess pricing and margin control. And when Crosby Drug chose Paladin as the store’s technology provider, it modernized the entire store and improved customer service to prescription drugs and over-the-counter items.

Paladin understands that a strong local pharmacy provides the foundation of a healthy community. Paladin offers independent pharmacies a simple, cost-effective way to automatically conform to the latest federal and insurance regulations, protect patient information, and ensure secure transactions. Simply put, Paladin makes pharmacies run better. 


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