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Pharmacies with multiple stores need the ability to monitor inventory levels and customer demand for individual products at each store. Pharmacy owners require a system to prevent shortages and overstocks. And they want a system to integrate seamlessly retail and pharmacy operations. To achieve all this, they turn to Epicor to ensure operations run smoothly.

The independent pharmacy can now access information anytime, anywhere. The POS identifies the best customers and keeps them coming back with loyalty programs as powerful as those in the big chains. Moreover, the system analyzes buying patterns to inform merchandising, promotions, and bundling. This compilation of features takes customer service to the next level. 

The Epicor Eagle N Series POS software helps drug stores grow—despite ongoing margin pressures and stiff competition from mail-order providers, large chains, big-box stores, and supermarkets. Notably, while other systems force your business to adopt their processes, Epicor easily adapts to enhance yours. 


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