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The New Integra X Files™ – Game-Changing Insights for LTC

The New Integra X Files™ – Game-Changing Insights for LTC 

Exploring and solving for the X factor that will help to reshape the future of long-term care pharmacy. 

(Anacortes, WA – December 8, 2021) Integra®, RedSail Technologies® leading long-term care and institutional brand, is thrilled to launch its new Integra X Files – a knowledge series. Designed and formatted to recognize the unique needs of long-term care and bring voice to solutions, the Integra X Files will inform, educate, and inspire. Integra will partner with industry experts, thought leaders, and subject matter experts to bring quality and relevant content to readers and listeners that’s grounded in four key content pillars: Growth, Pharmacy Operations, Policy, and Technology. 

The Integra X Files will use two key platforms to share information – a bi-weekly blog that will be co-written by long-time industry consultant Paul Baldwin, founder of Baldwin Health Policy Group, LLC. And a monthly podcast to be hosted by Frances Nahas, Chief Strategy Officer for RedSail Technologies, and Jim McDonald, Vice President of Sales for Integra. Podcast guru Todd Eury, founder of the Pharmacy Podcast Network, will partner with Integra to amplify its message to listeners. 

“As long-term care continues to evolve, it’s important that we step up as a company to help lead the way by providing insights and actionable takeaways that readers and listeners can use to create better pharmacies for their staff, their patients, and the facilities they support,” says Bob Bates, Executive Vice President for RedSail Technologies and General Manager of Integra.  

Bates continued, “We are focused on looking forward to understand and respond to market trends, regulations, and address the needs of the post-COVID world. The Integra X Files will give us a platform to share our insights with customers.” 

Todd Eury adds that, “If anyone will commit resources to the needs of long-term care, it’s Integra. I’ve partnered with them over the last 15 years, and their reputation is grounded in excellence and providing value to customers.”   

The Integra X Files makes its debut today, Wednesday, December 8, 2021, with special guest, Chad Worz, Pharm.D., BCGP, and CEO of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists. 

To learn more about the Integra X Files and to subscribe, visit

About RedSail Technologies 

RedSail Technologies, LLC, features brands – PioneerRx®, Integra®, PowerLine®, QS/1®, and PUBLIQ® Software – that offer cutting-edge and comprehensive healthcare and governmental software solutions. With the largest independent pharmacy network in the country and the most installed pharmacy management system, RedSail Technologies® is making patient care a competitive and profitable advantage once again. Its passion and advocacy for the independent, institutional pharmacy software markets spans over 40 years, and it has excelled in governmental software for 50 plus years.  

About Integra 

Integra designs software tailored exclusively to help pharmacists offer world-class care that improves patient outcomes and lifestyles. Integra offers PrimeCare®, the state-of-the-art pharmacy management system for long-term care pharmacy operations, DocuTrack®, WebConnect®, DeliveryTrack®, Logix®, and Mevesi®. Integra is the premiere partner in the long-term care, institutional, and closed-door pharmacy marketplace. For additional information about Integra and the products and services it provides, visit or call 866.257.4279. 

About Pharmacy Podcast Network 

The Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) has over 100,000+ listeners and subscribers and is the most popular and downloaded podcast about the pharmacy industry. With 30+ different podcast programs and over 40 different co-hosts helping to develop audio content about different subjects in pharmacy, the PPN delivers a unique publication to all healthcare professionals with a specific focus on pharmacy. 

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