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Protenus Top Blog Posts of 2021


New Views of Patient Data Breaches Stress the Need for Complete Monitoring Solution

Unauthorized access accounted for the vast majority of larger and smaller breaches combined in 2019, at 92 percent. This provides a much different picture than what we get by looking exclusively at larger breaches for the year; in that pared-down dataset, unauthorized access was linked to just 31 percent of breaches. By examining differences in the frequency of larger and smaller breaches reported to HHS, we hope to illuminate insights that help healthcare organizations more effectively allocate their limited compliance and privacy monitoring resources.



Key Takeaways from the 2021 Breach Barometer

Although COVID took clear stage in the world of healthcare over the past 2 years, healthcare entities were also being ravaged by data breaches, which were up 30% in 2020, according to the 2021 Protenus Breach Barometer. These are some of the key findings contained in the 2021 Protenus Breach Barometer, a retrospective report of health data breaches that occurred in 2020. The number of reported health data breaches has risen every year since Protenus began publishing the Breach Barometer in 2016. Hacking incidents increased for the fifth year in a row, with the number of public reports up 42% from 2019. 



Scaling Compliance in Large Medical Systems

At organizations where thousands of workers have access to sensitive patient data, it’s crucial for compliance teams to effectively manage and prevent mass potential for insider-related incidents. The Compliance Office at UC Davis Health found themselves inundated with these threats and challenges, and thus, to adequately protect its patients, employees, and organization, decided to supplement their team with Protenus’ advanced compliance monitoring technology. Protenus empowers compliance team experts to better understand and prevent improper access to patient data, drug diversion, and other inappropriate behaviors.


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