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Exactly What Cleanrooms Need

For customers in pharmaceutical manufacturing, customizations for critical needs are top priorities. This starts with cleanrooms receiving more than a basic cleaning. They require validated sterile wipes, spray, mops, and carts for immaculate cleaning, which is why pharmacies turn to the comprehensive cleaning system from FG Clean Wipes. 


The Saturix line by FG Clean Wipes can lower the risk profile of the entire mopping process by 80 percent.1  It reduces chemical usage by 90 percent.2  And the wipes remove 99.9 of particles down to .1 micron in size.3  These stats add up to needed safeguards for a cleanroom environment. 

With vast experience in the specialty wiping industry—backed by nearly 50 years of innovation—FG Clean Wipes keeps pharmacies, hospitals, clinics clean and comply with USP <797> and <800> standards.

Based on internal analysis of 5,000 ft2 ISO 7 facility.

Based on internal analysis of 5,000 ft2 ISO 7 facility.

Based on third-party lab testing.

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