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The One Product for Pain Management

Major medical distributors know the first and only unit dose topical anesthetic spray on the market is HurriCaine One® from Beutlich Pharmaceutical. This leading medication offers fast, effective pain relief. The proprietary HurriCaine® Topical Anesthetic comes in a unique aerosol-free unit dose package. 

The efficacy for HurriCaine One comes from Benzocaine, the topical anesthetic, which has been tried and trusted by medical and dental professionals for over 40 years. The team at Beutlich designed safety factors that eliminate the risks of cross-contamination and over-applying. Moreover, the unit dose barcoding ensures the correct dose at the right time. And cross-contamination is mitigated by the single unit-of-use packaging. 

Consumers receive a product that tastes great and has a fast onset with 20 seconds. For the pharmacist, HurriCaine ONE utilizes bar code medication administration to accommodate point-of-care scanning, increasing billing accuracy and improving supply chain costs. Consumers and pharmacists can count on the commitment to offering a superior product from this trusted family-owned pharmaceutical company.


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