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Over the past two years, pharmacy owners have dealt with tremendous turmoil and operational change. They have been at the forefront of the pandemic. Net-Rx can help these owners by providing a tool that delivers operational stability and revenue protection. 

The Reimbursement Suite by Net-Rx provides advanced software solutions to deliver operational efficiencies to pharmacies. They give pharmacy management analytics that aggregates data and insights from multiple areas. This real-time reporting makes for confident and accurate decision-making. This powerful resource improves the revenue cycle by maximizing reimbursement on every claim and having access to exclusive rate verification.

Here’s what makes the real difference. With Net-Rx’s Reimbursement Suite, the pharmacy can turn to a dedicated reimbursement analyst who will support these tools and help the pharmacy team improve revenue management by detecting billing and database errors, identifying under and nonpayment of claims, and recovering otherwise lost revenue. 


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