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The Specialists Who Know Specificity

To design the best unit dose supplies, Medi-Dose reached out to listen to the needs of pharmacists and technicians from facilities of all sizes. This feedback led to perfecting packaging for solid or liquid unit doses. Clients now have access to inexpensive, unit dose packaging, improving dispensing and exceeding expetations.

The Medi-Dose team is the go-to supplier on unit dose for both solid and liquid oral medication.  


Their unit dose bins allow for efficient dispensing and inventory control. Specifically, high impact plastic bins hang from gravity flow rails for security and easy product visibility.  The rails, constructed from sturdy zinc-plated steel, allow the bins to hang at a 20-degree angle so the product can be seen but won’t fall out.

For more than 50 years, Medi-Dose has been working with pharmacists and health care professionals to design and support cost-effective products solving the specific needs of their practices.

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