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PDM Healthcare Brings Patients the Power of Self-Care via Quest Products Partnership

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PDM Healthcare has partnered with Quest Products, Inc. to provide healthcare facilities with a wide variety of products for patients’ self-care. Quest provides numerous patented self-care innovations to retail shelves, online stores, and within medical channels, helping consumers heal and enjoy life on their terms.

Quest is a multifaceted consumer packaged goods company, with over twelve national brands giving consumers the power to solve their own healthcare problems with fast and effective solutions within the Dry Mouth, Ear Cleaning, Emergency Burn, First Aid, Skin Recovery, Laxative, Sleep Apnea, Nasal Filtration, Pain Management and Diagnostics segments. Quest is an innovative Over-The-Counter Branded Consumer Products company, carrying brands including OraHealth along with the solution for Dry Mouth OraCoat Xylimelts® Brand, which employs patented technology backed by research and medical science to safely prevent dry mouth.

Additionally, Quest carries the SunBurnt® and First Degree® brands of burn and sun recovery products to support the Burn Relief, Sun Care and Skin Recovery segments along with the Enemeez® and DocuSol® brands of bowel care products, that have been a preferred and trusted formula assisting patients improve their bowel care needs for more than 15 years.

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