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5 Reasons Your Pharmacy Needs a Website

If your pharmacy isn’t online, you may be missing out! Here are 5 reasons your pharmacy NEEDS a website.

Smaller, independently owned pharmacies often focus their efforts on operational necessities to stay competitive with the larger, corporate chains within their community. While some pharmacy owners place having a website in the “nice to have” or “someday” category, a website is an essential, affordable way to increase the overall awareness and profitability of your pharmacy. 


Through this new partnership, you can design a customized website for your pharmacy that:

• Boosts your search engine ranking

• Is easy for you and your patients to navigate

• Is responsive to device type and is accessible for all

• Includes unlimited customized pages and the ability to add your own images and logos

• Is fast and simple to edit/update

• Includes access to a library of customizable patient education content

With an initial $250 fee to get started and ongoing website maintenance and support for $75/month, Dr. Leonardo and BestRx offer independent pharmacies an affordable way to establish a website and build their online presence.

To learn more about Dr. Leonardo +PharmSites, click here.

For other BestRx software questions (not related to Dr. Leonardo), please contact BestRx Support.

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