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Steri-Tamp® Solves Blocked Barcodes & Labels with its New & Improved Tamper-Clear Syringe Seal!

Steri-Tamp Tamper-Clear Syringe Seal

Looking to add that extra level of security to your already packaged items? Use Tamper-Clear.

Perfect for:

• Oral Syringes / Neonatal syringes

• Prefilled Syringes

• Epi-Pens

• Inhalers

• Insulin Pens

• ETC...

- Tamper-Clears design enables you to not only see barcodes through the seal, but scan them as well.

- Tamper-Clear is strong enough to be removed from its liner, maneuvered over your intended device, all without ripping prior to application.

*Tamper-Clear has been re-designed so that once you rip the clear liner perforation, you reveal easy-to-remove pull-tabs. Just lift and roll off the liner

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