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Why You Should Avoid Outsourcing Medical Billing

Avoiding Outsourcing Medical Billing

Micro Merchant Systems Helps Avoid Outsourcing

The pharmacist’s role in healthcare has evolved so much that today’s pharmacists are trusted caregivers with clinical responsibilities at the same time. These new opportunities often come with new challenges. Medical billing is a continuous struggle for many pharmacists deciding if they should manage it in-house or outsource it. Micro Merchant Systems has over 30 years of experience working with independent pharmacists. We understand the unique challenges in the industry. We’ll explain why pharmacists should avoid outsourcing medical billing at all costs. 

Beware Of Hidden Fees

If a set price seems too good to be true, it’s probably simply too good to be true. Many times, medical billing contracts are stuffed with hidden fees. Once you start rolling, you may be surprised at these fees. If you don’t check for fees in the contract, they’ll significantly cut into your revenue and hurt your profitability.

The Hands-Off Approach

Many pharmacists may think it’s an advantage to hand control to another billing company. The problem is that letting others manage your money can be a scary thing. Some hands-on managers cannot take their hands off the wheel. Relinquishing control to another entity isn’t good when it’s out of your sight and you aren’t sure things are correctly done. 

Variable Costs

Most medical billing companies charge pharmacists a percentage of collections. This means the more you make, the more you pay. The cost of outsourcing is often hard to determine because the cash flow can be very different every month. You will probably pay a hefty amount for outsourced medical billing services during flu season due to increased services. It’s challenging to determine if the budget and the increased services balance out every month. 

Lack Of Freedom

An independent pharmacist is free to make their own choices and collaborate in their own ways. Handing over their medical billing to someone else takes away a little of this freedom. You’ll sign a contract with the specifications of the business transaction. You won’t have much wiggle room to change the way things are done. 

Medical Billing Technology To The Rescue

Independent pharmacists can rejoice that medical billing solutions with innovative technology can help with billing needs without outsourcing. Medical billing technology is beneficial for many reasons, including:

Boosts patient care services

Optimizes medical reimbursements

Reduces billing errors

Enhances medical billing workflow

Track refills

Tracks medical claims

Automatically sets rates 

The Nation’s Trusted Pharmacy Technology Company

Fully outsourcing your medical billing services can be detrimental to your business. You gain more support and control by keeping your billing services in-house with medical support technology. Modern billing solutions help you control your finances and ensure profitability without fear. Micro Merchant Systems is proud to offer some of the most innovative pharmacy software solutions in the business. Our company motto, “Software without Limits,” proves we understand technology is always changing. By working together, our technology pharmacy solutions can meet your unique needs. Outsourcing medical billing is simply an unneeded practice when you have pharmacy software solutions on your side. Contact us today to schedule a demo. 

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