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Providing a Personal Touch to Prescription Delivery Service

A Personal Touch to Prescription Delivery Service

Delivery With A Smile 

Prescription delivery programs emphasize the personal touch of prescription delivery. An independent pharmacy makes automatic refills and delivery easier by delivering prescriptions straight to your home without hassle. Micro Merchant Systems offers pharmacy delivery services nationwide to change the style of pharmaceuticals. A pharmacy medication delivery service is convenient, fast, and efficient for customers, while pharmacists get to reap the rewards with a personal touch.

Life-Changing Services With Pharmacy Deliveries

Many pharmacies have delivery drivers to bring medication straight to a patient’s door. Some pharmacies take it up a notch by offering deliveries by the pharmacist. Automated pharmacy dispending services allow pharmacists to spend more time getting one-on-one interaction with patients. They get to deliver prescriptions to patients and provide consultations that could be life-changing to the patient. The extra personal touch extended by pharmacy delivery services is the icing on the cake of technology. 

Provides Enhanced Medication Adherence

Many patients forget to refill their prescriptions or leave them sitting in the pharmacy for a week. Patients are busy or don’t have a way to get to the pharmacy. One of the best things about a pharmacy delivery service is enhanced medication adherence. For many patients, medication is their lifeline. Without the proper dosage, they could get very ill. Delivering medication straight to their door ensures medication lapses aren’t due to availability. Pharmacists can even meet them face-to-face at the door to answer questions or address concerns about the medication. 

Reduction In Medical Waste

When patients feel that their pharmacist cares about saving them money and the environment, they feel closer to the pharmacy. Unused prescription drugs cost the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars. Improved order accuracy and medication adherence help lower the number of prescription drugs thrown in the trash every day. Reducing medical waste lowers health, financial, and environmental concerns. Recurring monthly deliveries and same-day filling help reduce patients from ordering too much medication that ends up in a landfill. 

Improve Your Delivery Program 

Micro Merchant Systems steps up the pharmaceutical game from streamlining operations and dispensing systems to personal delivery straight to a patient’s door. Another huge benefit to prescription delivery services is all of a patient’s medications are put on a monthly schedule. Pharmacists don’t have to worry about renewals and retention. Patients feel a closer connection with the pharmacist when their prescriptions arrive on time without effort on their part. A peace of mind and maximum convenience for every patient is the goal of any delivery program. The enhanced relationship between a pharmacy and a patient is a priceless bonus. 

Micro Merchant’s Delivery Systems

While the personal touch of interaction through home delivery is important to many patients, other patients prefer contactless interaction. Micro Merchant Systems offers PrimeDELIVERY™ for customers with prescription delivery, an electronic paper trail, and a system that captures signatures. Our PrimeSHIPPING™ takes out the labor-intensive task of preparing prescriptions for shipment. It identifies prescriptions, generates labels, and tracks shipments. These systems are contactless but still offer a personalized touch of delivery straight to your door for convenience. 

Personalized Care Through Medication Delivery

Micro Merchant Systems has provided pharmacy management solutions to the Independent Pharmacy Market for over 30 years. We believe in enhancing the customer experience with technology. A pharmacy delivery service is one small way to boost levels of customized service. Contact us today to schedule a free demo.

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