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The Solution to Supply Shortages

The current economy brings to bear the problem of an unstable supply chain. Two of the most pressing and discussed topics in pharmacy entail increased prices and product shortages. Whether independent, long-term care, regional retail, national, or international pharmacies, all need to address this precarious environment to ensure a stocked pharmacy and protect pricing.

Drug Package, LLC developed an offering to support clients through these volatile times. The Safeguard Supply Program is free to join and means no price increases and no surprise billing. If you need blister cards, bags, or labels, Drug Package will have them when needed. This program is about peace of mind for pharmacy management because it takes away the worry of when the order will arrive or if budgets will burst. 

Drug Package LLC is uniquely positioned to adapt to dynamic changes in the market because of its centrally located U.S. facilities that deliver quickly and efficiently.

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