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Medi-Dose, Inc./EPS, Inc. - EPS...The Right Prescription for Pharmacists [VIDEO]

High quality, safe and effective products for medication administration, preparation and stock for fast shipment worldwide.

Priced low and ready to go! 
Medi-Dose® Solid Oral Unit Dose Packaging
TampAlerT® Liquid Unit Dose Packaging
MILT® Software for Medication Identification and Bar Coding
LiquiDose® Labels
IV Additive Disposable Accessories
Steri-Dropper® Sterile Ophthalmic Dropper Bottles
Compounding Products
Cleanroom Supplies
Ophthalmic Practice Accessories
Resealable and Ultraviolet Inhibitant Bags
Tamper-Evident Products
Bottles, Vials and Containers
Operating and Procedure Room Accessories
ShrinkSafe® Bands and Safety Products
Tapes and Labels
Maternity and Laboratory Products
Record Keeping and Identification Products
Storage and Transport Products

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Exceptional Products and Service 
A Member of The Medi-Dose® Group

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