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Medacist Expands Relationship with a Houston Hospital System

Leading academic medical center signs new agreement for RxAuditor Investigate for drug diversion detection

January 13, 2022- Medacist, the industry leader in drug diversion technology solutions, today announced the expansion of their relationship to provide RxAuditor Investigate™ to Houston Methodist, a leading hospital system comprised of an academic medical center in the Texas Medical Center and seven community hospitals serving the Greater Houston area.

The multi-year deal is an extension of Houston Methodist’s early adoption of Medacist’s legacy application, RxAuditor OnDemand™. The easy-to-use, web-enabled, drug analytics system provides the organization timely data to deliver increased clinical, economic and operational value.

The Medacist Application Development Team worked diligently with Houston Methodist to customize its implementation, incorporating new features and updates that are unique to their clinical environment and workflows. Meeting on a biweekly basis, the team addressed the hospital’s need for proactive detection of diversion and ensuring that medication units of measure within the facility were reflected in the software.

“This platform met our standards on security infrastructure, an easy to use interface and diversion tracking capabilities,” said Dr. Ghalib Abbasi, PharmD, MS, MBA, System Director of Pharmacy Informatics at Houston Methodist. “Drug diversion is always a high priority and hot topic for all medical facilities. This technology provides us the data we need to raise the flag early on potential diversion activity and build greater accountability into our health system.”

Houston Methodist has seen a great improvement within their nursing communications as a result of implementing RxAuditor Investigate. By leveraging RxAuditor Investigate, the nursing staff can share direct updates within the system, streamlining complex processes and ensuring all components of the case are visible.

"We are excited to expand our relationship with Houston Methodist at this important time for all healthcare organizations, said David J. Brzozowski Sr., President & CEO, Medacist. "While drug diversion is a continual concern within all healthcare facilities, the safety of patients comesfirst. We look forward to continued collaboration to support our healthcare professionals to do their jobs during this critical time.”

Unlike other industry vendors, Medacist’s sole focus is on drug diversion monitoring technology, leveraging the firm’s 23 years of industry-specific data and superior customer service. As the holder of the only U.S. patent for drug diversion solutions, Medacist’s RxAuditor Investigate, continues to be adopted within healthcare facilities at a significant rate, with more than 200 hospitals implementing its technology over the past 23 months since commercial release.

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About Medacist

Headquartered in Cheshire, CT, Medacist is a leading innovator in drug diversion analytics. With the only U.S. patent in this discipline, the company applies artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics to clients; data in order to pinpoint unusual patterns throughout the lifecycle of drugs—from procurement, to storage and management in a clinical pharmacy, to prescription and dispensation by doctors and nurses, to administration to the patient. Using Medacist's suite of analytic services, built on Genesis™ healthcare data platform, healthcare providers can identify possible abuse patterns for further investigation and action.

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