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Euclid Medical Products - Axial Multi-Dose Adherence Packager [VIDEO]

Axial® Multi-Dose Adherence Packager

By making the prescription filling and dispensing process  faster and easier you can increase revenue, improve patient  care and differentiate your pharmacy. 

How is this attainable?  

Introducing the latest in breakthrough pill packaging technology, designed specifically for pharmacies: the Axial® RMD-144 & the Axial® RMD-352.

This next-generation technology offers smaller, quieter, and more efficient pill packaging than ever before.

• These machines can unit-dose or multi-dose medications at speeds up to 65 packages per minute. Less time filling prescriptions means more time developing relationships and consulting with your patients. 

• Built on a revolutionary new rotary design, the 2x2 foot (144 canisters) and 2x4 foot (352 canisters), the Axial has a smaller footprint than any other machine on the market. Less crowded workspaces will help increase your team’s productivity. 

• This sleek new design also allows for easy access to the RFID canisters, and you can run and fill canisters at the  same time, giving you more time to provide quality  customer service. 

• The machine is a very quiet operation and has a built-in dehumidifier.


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