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Medicine-On-Time — Medication Adherence Solutions that Elevate Your Pharmacy Business

Medicine-On-Time, a CSS Health Company, provides an array of compliance packaging solutions to service any patient. Our unique membership program provides tools to improve workflow, resources to promote your pharmacy, and expertise to lower DIR fees.

Company Background

Medicine-On-Time was founded in 1984 and began working with pharmacies to improve medication adherence long before the term medication adherence was widely used or understood. Today, we partner with pharmacies across the nation to seamlessly integrate a successful medication adherence program for their patients. Our expanding line of compliance packaging solutions is proven to elevate medication adherence scores, and consultative services help member pharmacies turn it into revenue for their business. 

Product Overview

Medicine-On-Time members have access to an array of multi-dose and single-dose compliance packaging solutions to fit the need of every patient and every type of care facility in your community. With one partner, and one software, you can do it all! 

Product Detail

•*MOT Complete: A proven solution that provides versatility for your pharmacy and the patients you serve. Choose from a monthly or weekly calendar layout and any day supply up to 35 days!

• CircuPack: A semi-automated system that offers an accurate filling process in your pharmacy and a modern design your patients will love. All at a low price point!

• *NEW C.A.R.E. Package: Medicine-On-Time is excited to introduce the NEW C.A.R.E. Package designed to enhance clinical services and improve coordination of care. See below for more details.

• *NEW MTM Pack: A weekly multi-dose package available in a seven-day option with four-dose times and a 14 day-option with two-dose times. 

• Multi-Dose Start-Up Solution: A great option to get started with medication adherence. Designed with a seven-day, four-dose booklet style layout. No software required.

• Single-Dose Products: Medicine-On-Time offers an expanding line of heat and cold seal single-dose packaging solutions. Go to to shop online!

*Includes removable dose cups.

• Software: motNext is designed to help you streamline your medication adherence program by allowing your staff to organize patient cycles, power multiple package solutions, and master a proactive and scheduled workflow in your pharmacy.

Improve Coordination of Care — NEW C.A.R.E. Package

As you advance the practice of pharmacy, Medicine-On-Time offers advanced solutions to support you. Our new C.A.R.E. package is designed to improve coordination of care and clinical services as well as enhance communication with your patients. This package provides space to include pharmacist-patient consultation notes, recommendations to the patient, and even notes to their physician right on the package. Set your patients up for success by sending them home with a C.A.R.E. Package!

Membership Marketing Services

Medicine-On-Time’s marketing team works directly with your staff to help you develop a marketing strategy to promote your medication adherence solutions and reach the markets you value most.

Lower DIR Fees & Maximize Pay-for-Performance Opportunities With Performance Program

We all know that you cannot make DIR fees go away, but what you can do is reduce these fees, and you can also increase pay-for-performance opportunities available to your pharmacy through certain third-party payer contracts. Medicine-On-Time’s team of experts will help you make sense of your DIR fee reports and identify patients that need help. The result? Improved quality measures, less money taken from payers, and more money in your pocket!


“ With Medicine-On-Time’s packaging and hands-on support, I became a Five-Star pharmacy within months. From 2019 to 2020 my CVS Caremark DIR fees reduced to the lowest available under my contract and my performance payout increased 500%.”

— Germaine Robinson, RPh, Owner of Germ’s Thrift Clinic, Opelousas, LA


Integrations: PioneerRx, QS1, Rx30, ComputerRx, Liberty Software, Speed Script, Epic

Automation: Synergy Medical, a Parata Company

New Partners: IND Consulting, PatchRx

Why Choose Medicine-On-Time

Your pharmacy works hard daily to provide the care your patients deserve. Let Medicine-On-Time provide the support you need to better serve your patients and add revenue to your business in the process! Reimagine the future of your pharmacy and your medication adherence program with the support of a partner who cares.

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