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Esco Biosafety Cabinet for USP 800 Compounding

Esco Biosafety Cabinet for USP 800 compounding: 

Biohazard needs effective handling from causing harm. As your trusted partner in promoting safety, Esco introduces the world’s safest, most comfortable, and most certified biosafety cabinet - LabCulture® Gen 2E Biosafety Cabinet.

LabCulture® Gen 2E Biosafety Cabinet is equipped with features of proven quality or ergonomics entrusted to provide user, product, and environment protection. With its full-size design, it has a larger work area and the best ergonomics. 

Save up to 70% energy with an energy-efficient DC ECM blower which also provides stable airflow despite building voltage fluctuations and auto-compensation in case of filter loading.

The Sentinel™ Gold Microprocessor Controller comprehensively displays all safety information on a screen. 

3 Modes for Easier Controls Manipulation

- QUICKSTART mode allows automatic turning on of the fan and fluorescent lamp, where the sash is raised to its working height.

- DIAGNOSTIC mode for easy checking of the cabinet’s operating parameters and assist services.

- Night setback mode/standby mode reduces power consumption while maintaining containment, with a fan running at half speed.

Get access to the data logs from the cabinet straight to your PC via RS 232 Port for monitoring and traceability purposes. Maximize productivity with the ergonomic features that include Sentinel® Gold Microprocessor controller for easy reach, and the angle down design for easy viewing work zone with easy to reach electrical outlets and service fixtures. Get a hassle-free lifting of your work tray using the large tray handle and removable paper caps where the optional pre-filter can be installed. 

There’s more! Esco Biosafety Cabinet has a low noise level of 63 dBA, and light intensity of greater than 1400 Lux within the working area. It is also equipped with the airflow sensor, in a doughnut housing design, that monitors real-time airflow dynamic chamber technology that helps prevent contaminant leakage. Esco’s Isocide™ anti-microbial powder coating eliminates 99.99% of surface microorganisms upon 24 to 48 hours of exposure. There are audible and visual alarms in cases of insufficient airflow and improper position of the sash. Esco biosafety cabinet uses ULPA, a filtration system having 10x more filter efficiency 99.999% at 0.3 to 0.1 micron-sized particles versus HEPA filter.

Its manual angled UV-absorbing tempered glass front sash can be operated even during a power failure. Esco biosafety cabinet is certified to NSF 49. The NSF International Biological Safety Cabinetry Program was initiated during the 1970s  whereas the NSF certification program was accredited by the American National Standards Institute and Standards Council of Canada and is recognized as a leader in the certification of Class II biological safety cabinets. 

Labculture® Class II Type A2 BSC | Esco Lifesciences

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