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6 Benefits MOT Complete Offers to Your Pharmacy and the Patients You Serve

MOT Complete is a medication adherence solution that continues to change pharmacy businesses and has changed countless patients’ lives.  If your pharmacy is looking for a compliance packaging solution and you don’t know where to begin, start by learning more about MOT Complete.

Here are 6 Major Benefits MOT Complete Offers to Your Pharmacy and the Patients you Serve:

Benefits to Your Pharmacy...


MOT Complete is uniquely designed to modify its layout to meet the needs of the population you are serving.  Fill between 1 and 35 day supply in a monthly package or choose a weekly format with up to 5 dose times each day. Easily accommodate any complex therapy and service any patient at home or in any care setting.


MOT Complete does not require automation, so any pharmacy can easily invest in this comprehensive medication adherence solution without purchasing capital equipment.  Medicine-On-Time’s membership program and tools are made to grow with you and business development services help support your growth.


Medicine-On-Time pharmacies scale their business using a time-saving workflow software called motNext as well as simple tools that save time during the filling process.  As your pharmacy grows, automation is also available through vendor partner, Synergy Medical, a Parata company.

Benefits to Your Patients...

It is Proven to Significantly Improve Adherence

MOT Complete’s intuitive design simplifies medication management for patients.  The color-coded system and calendar layout makes it easy to stay on track and not miss a dose. The package provides visual reminders of which doses have been taken, making it easy for patients and caregivers.  MOT Complete is proven to improve adherence for low-performing patients on average by over 30%.

It is the Perfect Size

MOT Complete uses a function called smart size to help pharmacies use the perfect dose cup size for each dose.  This not only saves your pharmacy money on supplies, it also simplifies things for the patient.  Smaller doses go in a smaller capacity dose cup, saving space for the patient. MOT Complete’s high capacity dose cup will hold up to 12 unique medications so they can have all of their medications for a given time in one easy-to-use sealed dose cup.

It is Great for On-the-Go

MOT Complete has removable dose cups so patients can take their dose along with them wherever they go!  Each dose cup is color-coded by time and includes the patient’s name, the day, date and time of the dose as well as the name and strength of each medication included in the dose cup.

Medicine-On-Time pharmacies have access to MOT Complete and an array of other medication adherence solutions as well as business-development services to help you market your business, increase profitability and more!  Contact us today at to learn how to become a member.

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