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MS in Population Health Pharmacy - Program Outcomes

MS in Population Health Pharmacy - Program Outcomes 

• Identify and analyze the determinants of population health (healthcare, behavioral, genetic, social, environmental, cultural)

• Assess the distribution and impact of determinants of population health on the impact on health outcomes as pertaining to pharmacy

• Describe the problem of health disparities and the impact on population health

• Recommend strategies to manage health disparities

• Assess the current US healthcare system and its impact on population health

• Makes evidence-based decisions for medication use protocols, disease state management policies, programs, and services

• Apply pharmacoeconomic principles to evidenced-based decisions and health policies

• Evaluate and interpret the quality of evidence of biomedical literature using biostatistical, epidemiologic, and study design principles

• Apply informatics technology to collect, assess and analyze population health information

• Interpret and apply data analytics to improve population health medication use outcomes at institutional, community, regional and national levels

• Create and apply cost management techniques to improve population health medication use outcomes

• Evaluate the impact of health policies on population medication use outcomes

• Articulate new approaches to pharmacy benefit design and management and specialty pharmacy

• Recommend population health management strategies to improve medication use outcomes


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