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What is a Chart Recorder?


What is a Chart Recorder?

Answers to your questions about cold chain temperature monitoring in the cold chain management process

A chart recorder is a specialized electronic instrument used to record the ambient temperature in the cold supply chain. Ideal for ultra-low temperature environments such as freezers and refrigerators, chart recorders provide an easy-to-read historical temperature record.

The quality, viability, safety, and efficacy of your cold supply chain products is directly related to temperature. And because of this, temperature cannot be a guessing game in your cold supply chain.

You need to be confident that your cold supply chain products are constantly kept within ideal temperature ranges. This depends on using the ideal balance of cold supply chain technology and cold supply chain management best practices.

Having visibility into your cold supply chain ensures you can track every step of your cold supply chain. This is good for you, good for your customers, good for the quality and integrity of your products, and helps minimize product waste and loss.

The Importance of Cold Chain Monitoring

Cold chain monitoring through-out the cold supply chain gives you real-time information on the status of your cold supply chain products. As important as your thermal packaging, cold chain monitoring is a critical in protecting your products.

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has brought large gains to cold chain monitoring best practices and the overall quality of the cold supply chain. Cold chain and thermal packaging products including data loggers, temperature indicators, and specialized sensors give companies real-time visibility and status updates on their cold chain product.

Using IoT technologies as part of your cold chain monitoring strategy gives you these key benefits and advantages:

  • Mitigate and prevent product loss with real-time updates into the environment and status of your cold chain products.
  • Build brand loyalty and brand trust with your customers. Your customers expect their orders to be of high-quality and to arrive on time. IoT cold chain monitoring allows you to make these promises and meet customer expectations.

Identify gaps in your cold supply chain with historical and real-time records detailing how your products move through your cold supply chain. Use this data to troubleshoot and strengthen your cold chain management practices, ensuring you can limit loss, save time, and meet regulatory standards.

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