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What is a Data Logger?


Learn the essential role of data loggers in your cold chain monitoring process

A data logger is an in-transit temperature recorder that measures temperature during a specified time period. Data loggers are also called digital data loggers, data monitors, temperature data loggers, and in-transit temperature recorders.

Data loggers are an essential tool in your cold chain monitoring process. Modern data loggers can be programmed to give you real-time updates on the status of your cold supply chain, including alerting you when temperature ranges at the product level or in freezers, exceed acceptable limits.

It is not enough to use thermal packaging solutions to keep temperature-sensitive products safe and protected during transit, storage, and display. Data loggers give you the information you need to monitor, adjust, and make informed decisions about the strength of your entire cold chain management process.

What happens to your temperature-sensitive products when they leave your warehouse? How well is temperature, humidity, pressure, and air flow managed on shipping containers or in planes? Are your temperature-sensitive products being displayed and stored in conditions that comply with regulatory standards?

Knowing the answers to these questions and more is essential to cold chain monitoring and an informed cold chain management process. Keep reading to learn the facts on data loggers and why they are a core piece of cold supply chain technology.

What do Data Loggers Measure and Monitor?

Data loggers measure, monitor, and report on the cold supply chain environment. Modern data loggers measure and monitor:

• Temperature

• Humidity

• Air pressure, flow, and quality

• Light and light exposure

• Shock, impacts, and drops to products, parcels, containers, etc.

This data gives you a real-time window into what your temperature-sensitive products are exposed to and experiencing during every phase of the cold supply chain.

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