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What are Thermal Solutions?


What are Thermal Solutions?

Learn why thermal solutions are a must-have for cold chain integrity

Thermal solutions are specialized packages designed to meet the thermal requirements of temperature-sensitive products. Examples of thermal solutions include insulated containers, vaccine and medical transport boxes, specialized insulated parcel systems, reusable containers, and more.

These thermal solutions are used to protect temperature-sensitive or cold chain products including pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biologics, lab samples, diagnostic materials, food, and beverages.

Thermal solutions or thermal packaging are an important part of the cold chain management process, ensuring product efficacy, product safety, and adherence to regulatory requirements. In fact, insulated containers, envelopes, pallets, and more are the first line of defense in protecting cold chain products from damage and are critical to enabling a successful cold supply chain.

Keep reading to learn more about thermal solutions including:

• How thermal solutions protect cold chain products

• Questions to ask when researching thermal solutions

• The differences between active, passive, and hybrid temperature-controlled packaging

• 3 top trends driving cold chain packaging

How Thermal Solutions Protect Cold Chain Products

Smart thermal packaging and thermal solutions protect cold chain products with a design and application process that considers both what it is in the box and what is likely to happen outside the box.

An insulated thermal solution cannot work alone. When your insulated container is left outside exposed to the sun or stranded for weeks in a shipping container, the packaging can only do so much to protect your products...

A proactive thermal solution goes beyond the package and considers every single what if scenario that your cold chain products may experience through-out the cold supply chain.

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