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Join us February 17-19 at Pharmacy Development Services, RxFactor 2022.


We're headed to Orlando with Centor to show you our latest innovations in pharmacy supply.  Whether you're just browsing around, or ready to take your pharmacy marketing game to the next level, make sure you don't miss us in booth #810.

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Create a reliable email list and leverage email marketing

There's no better way to reach and engage your customers than with targeted emails.  Here's some tips on getting the ball rolling.

Offer an incentive to sign up.

Everyone loves a good discount or freebie, right?  The cost to offer incentives is offset greatly by the ability to continually market to existing customers.  Existing customers are much more likely to offer up their email address in return for an incentive which leads up to the next tip...

Use an app and a tablet to get signups.

Make it simple for customers to sign up.  A strategically placed tablet with an email collection app is all you need to start building a robust email marketing database.

Embed the opt-in form.

If they're on your website, they are already engaged.  Create opt-in forms and pop-ups on your website.  Don't forget, an incentive goes a long way to helping customers take that extra step.

Use text to join.

Many email marketing platforms like Constant Contact and Mailchimp have text to join functionality to help make sign-up's simple.  The more strategies you use to bulk up your database, the better.

Run a contest.

Everyone loves a good contest.  Whether you run it continually or every so often, a contest can help keep customers engaged in your content.  Don't forget to publish your winners.  Putting names and faces to the contest helps to make it real.

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