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Meet the Faculty - Jennifer!

Meet the Faculty! 

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Meet Jennifer!  Jennifer graduated with her PharmD from the Jefferson College of Pharmacy after receiving her BS in Psychology from Davidson College and post-baccalaureate certificate from Georgetown University.  She completed a PGY1 residency at the Durham VA Medical Center in North Carolina, and a two-year research fellowship in geriatric pharmacotherapy at the University of Pittsburgh.  After completing her fellowship, Jennifer accepted a position as the Clinical Pharmacist with the Pharmacovigilance Center, a directorate of the Office of the Army Surgeon General, and subsequently the Defense Health Agency.  She recently accepted a new position as a Safety Evaluator with the Food and Drug Administration's Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology - Division of Pharmacovigilance.  In this position, she works with a multidisciplinary team charged with the surveillance of adverse events associated with drugs and biologics regulated by the FDA.  Some of her responsibilities include:

 -Reviewing, interpreting, analyzing, and abstracting pertinent information from adverse drug reaction reports in the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS)

-Assessing adequacy of clinical documentation, severity of adverse reactions, and possible causal relationships between specific therapeutic agents and adverse reactions

-Identifying emerging signals from marketed products, conducting evaluations of available data, and writing scientific reviews summarizing evidence to support drug labeling changes

As part of the FDA, Jennifer has the opportunity to participate in the healthcare of the entire nation by making sure safe and effective drugs are available to improve the health of consumers, by ensuring both prescription and over-the-counter drugs work correctly with an acceptable risk-to-benefit ratio.  Jennifer is thrilled to be involved in the inaugural Pharmacy Population Health Masters program and share her expertise in pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance with learners of all levels!

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