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Best Practices and Compliance with USP 795 for Nonsterile Compounding eCourse

CriticalPoint has expanded our offerings to include Nonsterile Compounding. Written by expert instructors, this course includes 11 lessons and post tests that cover all aspects of USP 795 (proposed revisions).

USP 795 eLearning Lessons include:

  1. Introduction to Nonsterile Pharmacy Compounding
  2. Mathematics Review and Pharmaceutical Excipients
  3. Responsibilities of the Compounder and Compounding Facility Requirements
  4. Component Selection, Receipt, Handling, and Storage
  5. Nonsterile Compounding Equipment
  6. Nonsterile Compounding Process
  7. Beyond-Use Dating (BUD) and Chemical Stability of Nonsterile Compounds
  8. Packaging and Documentation of Nonsterile Formulations
  9. Quality Control and Release Testing in a Nonsterile Compounding Practice
  10. Staff Training and Competency for Nonsterile Compounding
  11. Nonsterile Compounding for Animals

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*Simplifi 797 customers need to reach out to their Customer Success Manager to discuss adding the eLearning.

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