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Time to Change your Pharmacy Management System

You're an independent pharmacy owner, and you want more efficient operations and advanced services for customers. Your current pharmacy system is dated and lost touch with the changes needed for a pandemic environment. And the existing customer service doesn't call back promptly. All these items are telling the owner it's time for a change.


Pharmacy management can turn to RxBlu because the team at Cypress Software makes it easy to get up and running right from the start. They provide a specific program, Streamline Conversion,™ that quickly implements claims switching, electronic prescribing, and price and payer updates.

This cloud-based pharmacy system safeguards the pharmacy with its offsite data security. Cost savings result from removing old and costly servers with the cloud. 


This system is purpose-built for the unique needs of independent pharmacies, avoiding the time-consuming, costly functionalities. The system grows with the pharmacy through its proprietary cloud modules powered by Cloud Core™, such as IVR, tele-pharmacy, prescription delivery, and digital services.


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