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Program Overview - MS in Population Health Pharmacy

MS in Population Health Pharmacy


Online, College of Pharmacy


Master of Science or Certificate Options

Program Length: 2-5 years



Program Overview

Population Health Pharmacy focuses on the impact of the distribution of health determinants on those receiving medication management services by pharmacists.  This also includes the strategies used to improve health outcomes associated with medication use. With the rising health care costs and limited resources, pharmacists play an integral role in population health and there is an increasing demand for pharmacists with this expertise.  The Population Health Pharmacy degree will be a collaborative effort between the Jefferson College of Pharmacy and the Jefferson College of Population Health (JCPH) designed to give practicing pharmacists an expertise in population health pharmacy.  By leveraging pharmacy-specific knowledge with population health principles, these graduates will be poised to meet the needs of the current resource-limited, fragmented US health care system.


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