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Prevent Package Delays

Perfecting packaging and shipping means a 98.9 percent real-time predictive modeling accuracy. It also translates into an average reduction in carrier-related reships of 30.9 percent. ParcelShield owns these stats because of their proprietary planner solution.

When it comes to planning life-critical packages delivered on time, healthcare facilities turn to ParcelShield® planner. This tool reduces product loss, offers visibility into carrier schedules and routing, and provides management with an intuitive scheduling dashboard.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations with multiple sites can manage all shipping and logistics needs from one centralized location. It allows management to set up automatic or manual overrides to improve shipping decisions based on volume or operational conditions. 

ParcelShield® Planner is a user-friendly, web-based interface that call center agents can easily access. When they're on the phone with a patient scheduling a medication shipment, they can auto-populate required fields, quickly input the destination address, integrate with dispensing systems, and more.


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