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We have awarded our Q4 team Acknowledgement of Excellence Awards!

We have awarded our Q4 team Acknowledgement of Excellence Awards!

The recipients include – Leslie Mattison, Rachel Saari, and Christina Crawford.

Our Q4 Acknowledgement of Excellence recipients are Leslie, Rachel, and Christina. We appreciate your continued ability to work with Collaboration, act with Integrity, serve with Humility, and achieve with Commitment. 

Congratulations, Leslie Mattison!

"Leslie has taken on additional workload while assisting with testing outside of her normal QA duties. She takes on all tasks with considerable grace and patience while demonstrating her commitment to her team members. Leslie is a natural collaborator and listener when engaged in client requests and is an invaluable member of our team.”

Way to go, Rachel Saari!

"Rachel has exemplified our core values since the first day she joined as Client Relations Manager. She collaborates with CSAs to ensure all tasks are complete while efficiently diving in to provide any needed coverage. Rachel shows integrity in her thoughtful and informative communication throughout the team and exhibits humility by being receptive to feedback."

Thank you, Christina Crawford!

"Christina will be the first to jump into a research project that resolves day to day issues for our CSA team. She escalated concerns with our EDI process and got them resolved through direct communication. Christina is always committed to our team and leads through collaboration in all that she does.” Thank you, Christina!


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