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Verify the Right Drug in Seconds

Peace of mind comes from the patient receiving what they need. DrugLog® provides this assurance whether in the pharmacy or hospital. This robust stand-alone solution can reduce compounding errors. It verifies the identity and concentration of compounded injectables before the clinician administers them to a patient.

The quickness, reliability, and ease of use make it an invaluable tool for the pharmacy's quality control process. DrugLog is flexible for the compounding pharmacist’s workstyle. 


Whether you spot check batch fills or verify software upgrades, DrugLog provides the consistency required for compounding results and validating outsourced compounds.

This device is about going above and beyond for your patients. DrugLog is insurance to reduce the risk of medication errors and added cost. Medical compounding demands that extra precautions are taken during the entire process. DrugLog takes the guesswork away during the quality control process and adds that needed rigor for compliance.

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