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Eliminate Patient Medication Delivery Concerns and Miscommunications

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Patients often contact their specialty pharmacies with concerns such as: when is the medication getting delivered, do I have the right tracking number, which website to visit to verify my information or how do I get a hold of my pharmacy to ensure there are no issues in getting the medication delivered.

ParcelShield SmartView empower patients to track their medication in real-time from their mobile phone while reducing pharmacies operational costs. Download Datasheet.

ParcelShield SmartView Key Benefits:

- Fully configurable communication platform.

- Detailed view of package information and package journey

- Customizable patient messaging such as delayed status, out for Delivery Status

- ParcelShield SmartView leverages carrier (UPS, FedEx, and USPS) and courier-specific tracking information with predictive analytics to display a comprehensive, intuitive, and actionable interface for recipients to track the delivery of their medication from the convenience of their smartphone. 

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