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ServeRx Medication Management System [Video]

ServeRx Medication Management System by 3AM Technologies

ServeRx Solutions

The ServeRx system is a complete medication management system that can provide a unique closed-loop solution from order entry to medication administration or anything in between. ServeRx ensures patient safety by reducing human error through advanced technology like bar coding, offers efficiency in inventory management and delivers intuitive and trouble-free solutions to your facility. 

-Supply Cabinets: Expand your controlled storage capabilities

-Hosted/Refrigerated: Installs into your own refrigerator providing secure storage that allows access to only one item at a time

-Bedside Solutions: *NEW* Now featuring RDP Health powered computer carts. With or without electronically controlled drawer storage for medicines or supplies. EHR Integration, or as a stand-alone dispensing cart, 3AM and RDP Health will keep things Safe, Smart, and Simple.

-Medication Cabinets: Easily "daisy chain" multiple cabinets to add more space. One item per locked location ensures you get the right medication every time. 

Building Blocks for Safe, Smart, Simple & Economical Medication Management

-Safe: Ensuring patient safety by reducing human error

-Smart: Increasing efficiency in medication management

-Simple: Delivering intuitive, user friendly and trouble-free solutions

-Economical: Delivering value through cost savings. Why pay more? 

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