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4 BestRx Features That Enhance Patient Safety

Beyond its operational and financial benefits, BestRx Pharmacy Management Software enhances patient safety as well. In fact, many patient safety features are built right into our software. Standard safety features include expiring prescription and refill alerts, as well as allergy and drug interaction warnings. BestRx also offers more advanced functionality that enables pharmacies to take their patient safety to the next level.

Four popular BestRx patient safety features include:

eCare Plans promote better coordination of care between all members of a patient’s care team. With BestRx, pharmacies can utilize eCare plans to efficiently capture and share important patient information. This includes current prescriptions and drug interactions, vitals and immunization records.

Virtual care has continued to gain popularity. While some in-person services will always be necessary, patients enjoy (and expect) the flexibility virtual care options provide. With our integration with Doxy, pharmacies can conduct face-to-face consults, even when patients can’t make it into the pharmacy.

Unit/Multi-Dose Packaging enables pharmacies to provide patients with prepackaged doses of their medication(s). This makes it easier for patients to stay on track with their medications. Plus, pharmacies will be able to increase medication adherence and eliminate confusion on the timing of administration.

Two-Way Messaging makes it easy to stay connected to your patients by sending customized, virtual communication when needed. Pharmacies can quickly text or email their patients prescription and appointment reminders, welcome or birthday messages and more. Plus, patients can send refill requests to the pharmacy from their smartphone or computer.

These are just a few of the safety features available through our robust, user-friendly pharmacy management software. BestRx is dedicated, not only to improving the operational and financial performance of your pharmacy, but to helping you keep your patients safe and healthy as well.

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